Levocetirizine Tablets Manufacturer in India– This medicine belongs to the class of drugs called anti-allergic and antihistamines. It also help to treat all types of allergies, Hay fever, Allergic skin conditions, sneezing, and runny nose.

Levocetirizine Tablets contain levocetirizine, a non-drowsy antihistamine that blocks a chemical messenger (histamine) responsible for watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing in a person. The tablets are also used for effective relief from itching and hives.

In the market, various Levocetirizine tablet manufacturing companies offer the Levocetirizine Tablet with different brand names like Levlone-5, Xusal, Xozal, Allevo, Zilola, Histisynt, Uvnil, and more. Are you looking for the Best Levocetirizine Tablet Manufacturer and Supplier in India? Waylone Healthcare is one of the best manufacturers & suppliers of Levocetirizine Tablets in India. 

Benefits Of Levocetirizine Tablets

Levocetirizine Tablets Manufacturer in India

This medicine contains levocetirizine as a key ingredient that helps to control itchy, red, or watery eyes, itchy throat, mouth, nose, and ears, and loss of smell causes allergies. Levocetirizine Tablets also work to prevent, and control the following conditions and symptoms:

  • Hay Fever
  • Reddish Itchy Weals
  • Chronic idiopathic urticaria
  • Dust Or Pet Allergies
  • Reddish Itchy Weals
  • Swelling In The Skin
  • Conjunctivitis (red, itchy eye)

How to Use Levocetirizine Tablets

Before using this medicine, consult your doctor about how to use it for better results. The doctor sets your dose and duration according to your health condition. Here are Some directions that can be followed during the treatment.

  • Swallow this medicine as a whole with water; do not crush, break, or chew it.
  • You can take it with food and without food as recommended by a doctor.
  • Take the proper dose that is advised by your doctor.
  • Consume your dose at the recommended time.

Precaution for use 

Before start using your dose, you should consult your doctor about your health condition and if allergic to any ingredients of this medicine, and use some other medicine related to allergic issues.

  • If you are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers then inform your doctor.
  • This medicine is not safe for children, do not use it for children.
  •  Do not operate any machinery after consuming this medicine.
  • Avoid using alcohol during treatment for better results.

Direction For Use

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep away from the direct sunlight

Side Effects of Levocetirizine Tablets

This medicine is safe if you take it as a recommended dose but sometimes some minor side effects show in the starting days of treatment. These issues are mild and go away after a couple of days as the body adjusts to the treatment. But as a safe side, you can consult the doctor if any of the side effects get worse. Here are some temporary side effects. 

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizzy

Quality Assurance Steps Taken for Levocetirizine Tablets Manufacturing

Waylone Healthcare is a reputed Pharmaceutical Company in India that offers a wide range of pharma products with quality assurance. All products manufactured and supplied by us are approved by FSSAI and DCGI. 

We believe in quality so all manufactured medicine is prepared under the guidelines of a highly qualified team who have great experience in the pharma sector. The company also provides Levocetirizine Tablets under the branding of LeyLone5 with effective results. Weylone Healthcare offers a vast range of medicine in different dose forms like Tablets, Dermatology, Ayurvedic, Orthopedics, Diabetic, Pediatrics, etc. 

  • We check the quality at every manufacturing step to control quality.
  • We follow a systematic process for preparing all products.
  • After manufacturing the product, our team checks the quality in our special lab.
  • We used high-quality raw materials for manufacturing our pharma products.
  • All products are approved by FSSAI and WHO to control their quality.

Contact for Best Levocetirizine Tablets Manufacture and Supplier In India

Waylone Healthcare is a WHO & GMP Certified Levocetirizine Tablets manufacturer and supplier in India with more than 5 years of experience in the pharma market. By looking at the increasing demand for Levocetirizine Tablets the company has decided to invest heavily in the R&D to deliver the demanding drugs in the pharmaceutical market. 

The company also gives the best franchise services for a large range of pharma products in PAN India at reasonable rates. Here are v some key points of our company that help to select the best Levocetirizine Tablets Manufacture and Supplier In India for your business.

  • We offer good quality & affordable Levocetirizine Tablets to our clients.
  • The packaging is done with quality-approved material.
  • We have worked with +3000 happy customers in different cities.
  • The company can offer more than 300 pharma products.
  • We used the hi-tech and latest machinery for manufacturing medicine.
  • Our firm gives full customer satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Levocetirizine Tablets

What are Levocetirizine Tablets used for?

These tablets belong to a group of medicines called antihistamines that are used to treat various allergic conditions, including hay fever, conjunctivitis, and some skin reactions.

Can this medicine be taken daily?

Depending upon the severity of allergic conditions due to allergens, this medicine can be safely taken daily until you get complete relief as long as your doctor has advised you to take it. 

Can I use the same dose for others?

No, it is not safe. Because the dose is set by your doctor according to your health and age. 

Can I take this tablet with painkillers?

Yes, you can take this medicine together with painkillers. However, it should be taken only if prescribed by the doctor.

Can it be safe during pregnancy?

Avoid using it during pregnancy if it is not recommended by your doctor. Because it can cause side effects. 

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